"Imagine An Easy Way To Provide Expert Coverage Advice To Transitioning Employees..."
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CoverageAdvisor: Enabling Benefits Advisors, Employers, And Plan Administrators To Provide Health & Medicare Coverage Advice To Transitioning Employees
"Let Me Show You How Easy It Is To Help Any Transtioning Employee Inside CoverageAdvisor…”

CoverageAdvisor Makes It SIMPLE For Any Employee To Determine Their Best Coverage Strategy In Just Minutes... Without Relying On Internet Information Overload Or Insurance Sales Sharks!

From: Matt Jantzen
Subject: Calling All Employers, HR Professionals, Benefits Advisors, & Plan Administrators!

Have You Ever Felt Handcuffed When An Employee Asks For Advice About Individual Health OR Medicare Coverage?

You know what I'm Taking About.

A departing employee contacts you about their options for health insurance or Medicare...

You understand their concern...
You want to help them...
You kind of know what the options are...
You start to try to guide them and help them...

And then...

You're Stuck...

'They' got you...

You don't know all the details.

You don't know ALL the options.

It’s like you're being held hostage by all the red tape of Medicare & individual health coverage... AND the agents that sell those types of insurance products 

Agents aren't in the business of helping YOU... they ARE in the business of selling as much insurance as possible to your employees)

And that's not what you're looking for...

And yet, somehow, things that you think should be SO simple... things that should only take a few minutes...

Somehow become hours, and then days and then even weeks.

With each passing hour, you wish you would have never agreed to help them...

Your brain is wasted... your time wasted... with little or nothing to show for it.

Sadly, This Is Where Benefits Brokers, HR Professionals & Employers Give Up

Somewhere between your desire to help an employee in need... and your ability follow through on your promise to actually see it all the way through.

This Is Why Brokers, Employers, & HR Professionals Are Expanding Their Expert Advisor Status!

...And Using CoverageAdvisor To Help Transitioning Employees Make The Best Possible Coverage Choices, Save Time, Expand Services!

EVERYTHING You Need To Advise A Medicare Eligible, Transitioning, Or New Employee In A Matter Of Seconds!

With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can the right information OR Consultant to help you or your employees in as little as 1 minute!
Before CoverageAdvisor, if you wanted to Advise an employee, you had to RESEARCH every detail yourself (or send them to an insurance sales shark that doesn't see a person, only dollar signs!)
  • ​All The Insurance Carriers & the options within...
  • ​All the Income Requirements
  • ​All the Provider Network agreements
  • ​All the enrollment processes
And after all that was finished?

You still had to get all the paperwork and follow up requirements submitted correctly (and if you want to get paid the small commission?... you had to take all the certification training to get appointed)

Nobody Wants To DEAL With All Those Moving Parts And Pieces!

With CoverageAdvisor, everything you need to advise a transitioning employee is right at your fingertips and automatically pieced together FOR you, so you have an effortless, FAST solution to offer.

Here's How CoverageAdvisor Works...

Let Me Show You How To Guide Your Employees (And Get Their Coverage Strategy In Place) In As Little As 1 Minute!

Step #1:

Determine Which Situation Applies To The Transitioning Employee

There Are Three Main Situations Benefits Brokers, Employers & Administrators Typically Need Employee Coverage Consulting

Departing Employees...

There are two ways that employees can get health coverage when they leave their employer...
#1 - COBRA or State Continuation 
#2 - Individual Coverage (where employees, and their families may be eligible for financial aid and/or more benefits)
#3 - Future or Spousal Employer Coverage

If You Want To Help

Medicare Eligible Employees...

There Are three options that employees have when the become eligible for Medicare...
#1 - Keep their employer coverage
(Where the employee doesn't need to do anything.  They continue on with their coverage as they always have)
#2 - Enroll in Original Medicare Or Medicare Advantage
Employees have the option to discontinue their employer plan and enroll in Medicare Parts A&B

If You Want To Guide

Newly Hired Employees...

There are 3 scenarios an employee should consider when electing their new health coverage for themselves and their families...
#1 - Employee Only Coverage (AKA: Employer Continuation of Coverage)
#2 - Family Coverage (where employees, their spouses, and their dependents may be eligible for financial aid and/or more benefits)
#3 - Employee and Spouse (where employees, their spouses, and their dependents may be eligible for financial aid and/or more benefits)

ALL Of These Situations Are Simple To Resolve Inside Of CoverageAdvisor!

To Pick The Employee Situation That Needs Consulting:

  • Open up CoverageAdvisor, and select “Employee Consulting” from the administrator console.
  • Choose The Employee Situation: Departing employees, Medicare Employees, or New Employees
  • Enter the employee's email address!

Employees will INSTANTLY be provided the consulting and resources they need for their specific situation!

With just two or three clicks of a mouse, you can provide IMMEDIATE solutions to your employees that will get them the coverage and answers they need!

That's Literally All You Have To Do...
We'll Take It From There!

Step #2:

Notify Your Employees Of The Available Coverage Consulting.  Employees Get Access To Expert Step-By-Step Coverage Consulting!  (Taylored Specifically To Their Individual Circumstances)

Employees get instant access to online consultation scheduling...

Then they get live one-on-one expert advisors to guide them through the coverage transition process!

We make sure every detail is taken care of so employees can focus on the next step in their career!

Want To Know More About The Consulting Process?


Current Coverage Review

We help employees understand their current coverage options by performing a thorough review of their COBRA or State Continuation options.

 Benefits: What benefits will your employer plan provide? (COBRA, State Continuation, Retireee Health...)

 Cost: What benefits will your employer plan provide?

 Credit: Do You Have Any Benefit Credit?


Medical Needs Analysis

We help employees organize their medical needs by analyzing the 4 main categories that drive medical care and cost.

 Providers: Doctors, Hospitals, and Clinics Needed...

 Conditions: Current and Preexisting Medical Conditions...

 Prescriptions: Current Prescription Drugs...

STEP 3: Financial Aid

Financial Aid Research

We help employees reduce their cost by researching all avenues of discount programs, financial aid programs, Federal and State programs.

 Tax Credits: Research Premium Tax Credit Eligibility.

 Discounts: Discount Programs & Cash Pay Coordination.

 Medicaid: Adult and Child Medicaid Eligibility.


Strategic Recommendations

We help employees develop a strategy that will help them and their families get the right coverage at the lowest possible price.

 Pricing: Obtain all available plan pricing.

 Benefits: Detailed plan benefit research.

 Strategic Analysis: Analyze plan benefits, providers, & cost as it releates to the employees specific situation.

 Recommendations: Present expert recommendations and to the employee.


Plan Implementation

We help employees reduce their cost by researching all avenues of discount programs, financial aid programs, Federal and State programs.

 Applications: Discount, Tax Credit, & Medicaid Applications...

 Enrollments: COBRA, Private, and Marketplace Enrollments...

 Red Tape: Required documentation, financials, and more...

Can You See Why So Many Employers, Brokers & Advisors Are

Using CoverageAdvisor To Help Transitioning Employees?

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  • Employee Consulting Kits - Step-By-Step Coverage Transition Guides ($25/employee Value)
  • CoverageAdvisor Resource Vault - Our Internal Coverage Resource Vault ($15/employee Value)
  • Live Calendar Access - Instantly Schedule Employee Consultations ($10/employee Value)
  • HR / Administrator Dashboard - Simple Employee Notifications ($10/employee Value)
  • Digital and Print Branding - (Optional: additional set up fee)
  • And more! (see below)

Total Value: $175 / Year

(per employee)


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